My Projects

I can offer you a total package. Your ceiling with new plasterboards, a new (false) wall of plasterboards and then plaster and possibly saucing. You have had a leak and part of the plasterboard needs to be problem. I can take care of that for you. Or you have a hole/dent in your plasterboard, I can repair and finish that for you as well, so that it looks neat again and connects nice and smooth. I can also make a quotation for you that you can offer with your insurance, should the damage be compensated by the insurer.
My plastering work is not limited to the inside of your home. You can also contact me for outdoor plastering work. For example, repair work on the exterior walls and facades based on cement.

A new plasterboard ceiling or plasterboard wall can be finished in two ways.
You can choose to have only the seams and screw holes worked away, this is called "Les bandes".
But you can also choose to have the entire wall and/or ceiling plastered over, this is called "enduit en plâtre".

Les bandes                           Enduit en plâtre


How it was, how it is :


Cement stucco exterior facade :


Manufacture of plaster moldings :


Placing ready-made ornaments :


Renovation of a bathroom :


Renovation of a kitchen :


New wall :

If you want to create an extra (bed) room in the attic, for example, and this requires the construction of a new wall, I can also offer you this option.
I place a frame of aluminium uprights and beams and finish the front with plasterboards. Then I put insulation in between and finish it off with plasterboards.
After that, I will plaster the whole thing neatly for you and, if necessary, paint it.

 False wall :

Suppose you have a badly damaged wall in a room, there is a possibility to place a false wall in front of it.
First, a frame is made of aluminium posts and beams. The uprights are placed 60 cm apart and insulation is placed in between.
Plasterboards are then screwed on and after that the wall is plastered and can possibly also be painted.